Machiko Yasuda

day six: deploying

How to deploy an AngularFire – Yeoman project to GitHub

  1. Follow these instructions at Yeoman
  2. If you get fatal CRLF errors, install dos2unix. Type into Terminal: brew install dos2unix and then, use the tool to convert your troublesome files in the dist folder by running: find /dist -type f -exec dos2unix {} +. This will convert all the files for you, without changing the filenames.
  3. Make sure that your dist folder is in the root directory.
  4. After your dist folder is added to the gh-pages branch, push it by running: git subtree push --prefix dist origin gh-pages. This should push only your dist folder to your gh-pages branch. You should have an index.html in the root.
  5. Go to
  6. Enjoy!

A weekly stand-up:

What I did this week –

  1. Thanks to Theresa for having us over at her house this weekend. Climbing takes my mind off all the stress.
  2. I worked on three roadblocks in my project: a Firebase refreshing problem and not getting tests to run and deploying.
  3. Yesterday I went to a mini-Madison Ruby meet-up in LA. It’s always fun to meet other web developers in the area that really care about the community, ethics and the future of the Internet in general.

Roadblocks I faced this week –

  1. Thanks to Josh helped me fix my refreshing bug. Takeaway: If you’re creating new Firebase collection upon a button click, separate the functions into different controllers.
  2. Thanks to Delmer for helping me move Firebase call from the controller to the service. This helped me get Jasmine/Karma tests to run. Takeaway: Separate your Firebase into a service.

What’s next –

  1. Now that I’ve deployed, I can start doing real testing on my phone and other people’s non-iPhones. This will hopefully inform how I can continue to improve the user experience of typing, clicking, checking things off.
  2. I also want to work on my datamap project and my personal portfolio page.