Machiko Yasuda

day four: traversing along


Today our group took a different approach. We talked about our main back-end roadblocks and broke up into groups to tackle them together.

What did I learn? The amazing/insane/crazy thing in programming is when you think you’ve applied all the same methods to your friend’s project — and the results are not the same as yours. Group-debugging is much better than self-debugging.


My personal roadblocks, prioritized:

  1. Back-end: URL generation + new Firebase collection. This involves a sequence of steps:

  2. Create new Firebase collection

  3. Generate new URL accordingly
  4. Prompt user to bookmark that link, share with friends

Everything else after this is not so much part of the MVP.

It would be nice to learn things like: jQuery Mobile, Sass, more about viewports/media queries, mobile interactions…


  1. Testing: how to set up Karma
  2. Still work on URL.

Next week:

  1. Deploying!