Machiko Yasuda

day three: all sorts of things


  • Learning about try-catch-finally-throw See the gist there.
  • try: the function you are testing
  • catch(e): the fall-back function in case try does not work.
  • finally: always runs – usually an alert. optional.
  • throw: define different variations of the catch “e”, like NaN, out of range exceptions.
  • Did a little Mustache.js. See the code there.
  • I think I will get to implement some Mustache.js in my Datamap project. I will insert things like Census report name or table name into the JSON, and use it later on the front-end.
  • On my project, I added some new stylings, but no new JavaScript functions. The data now persists to database.


  • Should users be able to edit item names? If so, what’s the best mobile UI for that? A button or something else?
  • Tomorrow I plan to start generating unique URL with an unique ID for each checklist. That ID must somehow correspond with the correct Firebase collection.


  • Figure out how to run my Jasmine/Karma tests.

Code challenge:

  • Start nit-picking for Ruby and JS excercism.
  • Start a new challenge. Maybe find a friend to program with.