Machiko Yasuda

day two: enter Firebase


  • Did not go back into Cloudbees. Never again.
  • Moved repository to GitHub instead, and started using a Node.js webserver for development.
  • Hooked up Firebase to the Angular project and started adding items to Firebase database with my first controller.
  • Wrote a few short JavaScript functions to (1) see how many items there are, (2) see how many are remaining and (3) calculate and show the progress.
  • My model is as follows, at the moment: An array of item objects, which have a name (text) and status (true/false). False is not done. True means it’s checked and done.

Road blocks:

  • GUID URL generation and persisting into database. I will need to (1) create a new URL for each new checklist, (2) save that ID into the database with the array of items with statuses and names. When a user returns to that specific URL, the user will see that same list. It will not refresh and go blank (like it currently does).
  • Have not done any test-writing yet. But I want to! I’ve been writing in Sublime Text, console.log() into console and running the app. I would like to test, though.
  • Down the line, we need to figure out how to deploy – Heroku or GitHub pages?


  • I hope to set up testing somehow, with Jasmine, Karma or whatever.
  • I hope to start saving and persisting data, even if I don’t have unique URLs yet.

Code challenges:

  • To make up for what I didn’t do yesterday, I did a Ruby and a JavaScript one.
  • I will push them to GitHub as soon as they are approved.