Machiko Yasuda

Things that can happen, revisited

  1. Silently disco dance at the corner of Main and Temple
  2. Pillow fight strangers at Pershing Square
  3. Travel by Big Blue Bus, Angel’s Flight, Gold Line, my own car
  4. Overlook the typical 110 jam, bike down 7th Street Bridge
  5. Play dodgeball on the street
  6. Walk on the sidewalk, get cut off by people on stilts
  7. Eat on top of a double-decker food truck
  8. NOSAJ THING. (Sit next to FlyLo)
  9. J.ROCC. V.J.
  10. Run into Nathaniel Ayers and bass on a sunny Sunday morning in front of Disney Hall
  11. Ice skate at Pershing Square, witness child skating prodigy
  12. Drive very badly, on the wrong side of the street, over railroad tracks, running out of gas
  13. Run into a lady who talked to me on the bus once, ate dim sum with her on Chinese New Year
  14. Watch Gustavo Dudamel conduct the L.A. Phil, only to hurt his neck during the first movement
  15. Watch Damien Rice play at the Orpheum. He wore a luchador mask, a birthday gift from Glen Hansard.
  16. Club with metal detectors. Enough said.
  17. Watch museum patrons jump into a pool. An interactive sculptural art exhibit of course.
  18. Run into a friend on the crosswalk. Say happy birthday!
  19. Cook food in a real professional kitchen; feel like I’m on a reality cooking competition show; feed people; get fed with love.
  20. Bike into a television commercial set.
  21. Sit inside a real-life hand-made robot.